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“Alice has gained in self-confidence and self-control.
She walked into the ring for the first class a little hesitant, not knowing what to expect, looking around and being a little reactive to the other dogs.   By last class, and this actually occurred much earlier, she was only concentrating on the task at paw, finding the scent, totally oblivious to the dogs and people around her.  The nose work class has improved her focus and confidence.”
Karen B Donnelly Draak
What Students have to say
"Zachary and I needed something to do during winter months. So when I learned of Anke King and her beginning Nose Work class I signed us up. Zachary can be an anxious dog, but he took to Anke and her nose work class right from the start, sniffing his way through the maze and wagging his tail when he found treasure in the box. We signed up for Nose Work II."
Joe Hight
Students in the News
“Liesl and I really enjoyed our Nosework class with Anke King.  Liesl is always sniffing around at stuff, so I thought she would be perfect for this class.  It was amazing fun to watch her learn "how" to use her nose to find what she wanted.  The class was easy on her aging body, too.”
Sherry Rifley
“I really loved the class and Griff did too! Both of us loved the class!  I can't wait, and Griff can't either, for Fun Nose Games #2! “
Jenny Parke
Once again, thank you so very much for the attention you have shown Paulie.  He has so far to go but he wouldn’t be half this good without your help and encouragement.
Josh Brown with Paulie